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Five Things You Should Know About the Wii U


After months and months of anticipation, the Wii U is finally hitting oceanic shores. Although dropping the cash for a brand new console can be all kinds of exciting, no launch is without a few teething issues and the Wii U is no exception. If you’re thinking of picking up Nintendo’s latest effort any time soon, here are five things you should be weary of. Read More »

Dragon Ball Z Budokai: HD Collection Review


When I first heard that Budokai 3 was being re-released in HD, my first thought was ‘hell yes!’ My second thought was ‘where the hell is the second game?’ My final thought was ‘well that doesn’t really matter because I only give a damn about Budokai 3 anyway’. Having played the remastered version of the original Budokai, I can honestly say that’s a justified thought to have. Read More »

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