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Wreck-It Ralph iOS Review


Movies based on video games and video games based on movies suck. For the most part, this is a fact that has brought almost as many gamers together as the petition to boot Michael Bay off the Transformers franchise. Perhaps this is why it’s surprising then that the iOS game, Wreck-It Ralph, obviously based on the movie of the same name, isn’t altogether bad. Read More »

The Five Core Concepts of Final Fantasy


While revealing more about their upcoming Luminous engine, Squenix ‘revealed’ the five core concepts of Final Fantasy, each one of them being gloriously and completely wrong. Looking at these points, it’s not hard to see why Final Fantasy has gotten progressively worse since the PS2 era. To help them on their way to making another FF title that isn’t terrible then, I’ve gone and redone their list for them. Read More »

F1 Race Stars Review


When F1 Race Stars and Hitman: Absolution were dropped on my desk the other week, I thought ‘good golly gosh, I must be the luckiest boy in the entire universe!’ I looked at F1 RS with a childlike glee. But playing F1 Race Stars was like leaving on a trip to Disneyland only to unexpectedly find yourself in the hospital with a Doctor saying ‘well the good news is that you have AIDS.’ Read More »

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