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Sexism Sells


Ever since video games stopped using 8-bit spaceships and started using human characters, the portrayal of women has been pretty poor. Most female game characters fall into two patriarchal categories and although there have been notable exceptions along the long road, they’re few and far between. Despite the technical advancements and the maturity of the industry, mainstream games continue to churn out under-developed female characters that fall easily into these oppressive roles. Read More »

Trials Evolution: Riders of Doom Review

trials feature

I’m not into motorbikes. I see them as a wheels-and-gears love letter to Death. Yet, that one scene from Top Gun where pre-crazy Tom Cruise is on his Kawasaki is my favourite part of a film based around jet fighter stunt-flying. Then I play Trials Evolution, and realise how bad of an idea that is. How does the recently-released Riders of Doom DLC stack up though? Does it give me hope that I can one day be as cool as pre-couch-jumping Tom Cruise? No – but that’s a really good thing. Read More »

Is Dead Space 3 Already Dead?

dead space 3 feature

When the original Dead Space released it filled the survival horror void that Resident Evil had left in its move to the current generation of consoles. I understood why RE had to change, to appeal to a wider audience and generate more sales, but I felt cheated. And despite my best efforts to shake it that feeling has returned for Dead Space 3. So after two hours hands-on with the title and an interview with series producer John Calhoun, were my concerns justified Read More »

Kentucky Route Zero (Act I) Review


An unlikely association drilled itself into my brain as I played through the first episode of Cardboard Computer’s promising game Kentucky Route Zero, which made headlines recently by nabbing four Independent Game Festival nominations. I kept thinking about Silent Hill, not because there are gore-smattered faceless nurses around every corner, prepared to beat you to death with lead pipes. The similarities arose in the combination of eeriness and isolation in each game. Read More »

This Generation’s Villains That Are Too Hard to Hate


Sometimes, it’s just good to be bad. I’m one who constantly finds himself on the darker side of the line, often preferring beautifully written villains to the moral knights that strut through the battlefield, emerging from the dust and debris with the princess under one arm. These are just some of the generation’s villains just too hard to hate. The ones you can’t help but love. Read More »

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