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An Interview with Mountain Machine Games’ Nick Lambert


One evening after registering my disgust on my Twitter account over Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, I stumbled across an innocent looking page on Bandcamp. All that was featured were two bittersweet instrumentals, available for a buck-a-piece, set to feature in an upcoming game titled Elliot and the Beyond. (Now with added trailer!) Read More »

Games Have a Place to Critique Politics: Interview with Irrational’s Bill Gardner Part 2


BioShock Infinite has been played and reviewed industry-wide (ours is coming soon, I promise), and it’s been met with high scores across the board. In the second part of our interview with Bill Gardner from Irrational, we delve into what it took to get Infinite to its level of quality, whether or not games are challenging their audiences enough and much more! Read More »

Bit.Trip Presents: Runner 2 Future Legend of Rhythm Alien Review


I’ve always been what you might call ‘musically retarded’. I suffer from a condition known as ‘stupid fingers’, where my brain and flailing extremities don’t always cooperate. So when I took up the challenge to play and master a rhythm-based game I was a little wary. However, after a few hours with Runner 2, my computer keys had become the keys on a piano and I had unknowingly learnt a new instrument. Read More »

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