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The Dusty Cartridge Podcast: Episode 21


Welcome back to another episode of The Dusty Cartridge Podcast, where trolling and extended conversations about Animorphs are just as significant as the video game world’s latest and greatest. With Mark now fully recovered from Bear Fever, the awesome foursome reunite and shoot the shit on Nintendo’s decision to forgo its E3 press conference, our predictions for the next generation Xbox and more! Read More »

What Do We Think Of Company Of Heroes 2 So Far?


In the midst of the Second World War, the theatre of the Eastern Front saw some of the most atrocious fighting in history. If it wasn’t bombs, bullets, starvation, disease or torture, it was the sheer cold that claimed you. Spanning four years, more than 400 German and Soviet army divisions clashed in a series of engagements, eventually deciding the outcome of the entire war. Read More »

BioShock Infinite: Constants and Variables

variables feature

Infinite is a game that we are going to be talking about for a long time. I applaud it, first of all, for not always assuming the player is stupid, that they need to be handfed. Infinite never gives too much away about its overall plot, and some have argued whether it truly explores many of the issues it raises. Overall, Infinite never forces understanding on you. Read More »

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