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Though he's at the ripe old age of twenty-three, Brodie still fancies himself a purveyor of fine-enough prose. However, when he's not whipping up a frenzy with ink and parchment to Han Zimmer's latest, he can be found foaming from the mouth feeding his achievement addiction. Brodie's inane rants can be read at @brodie_dg.

The 5 Worst Pokémon from X and Y


Having not checked into a Pokémon game since the Gold and Silver era, I was looking forward to jumping back into the fray and throwing my balls about like I used to as a young child. However, as I hunted through the tall grass, something felt amiss. These weren’t the Pokémon I once loved as a child, these were nightmarish abominations, devoid of any semblance of creativity, plucked from the dreamscapes of the brain dead. Read More »

Grand Theft Auto V Review


For the first time in the franchise’s history, we delve into the lives of not one, but three men, worlds apart in status, living at completely different points on the moral compass – all looking to gain ground in the pursuit for the almighty dollar. From start to finish, their interwoven stories take turns, but it’s unsurprising, as Grand Theft Auto hasn’t ever been about plot. However, the story does help set the tone. Read More »

Lost Planet 3 Review


Just as Devil May Cry before it, Capcom big wigs decided that this franchise, loved by a scarce few, was in need of a brand new start. In other words, the originals didn’t appeal enough to the Western market, so they’d strip it bare and tinker with it until it did, even if it was changed forever, difficult to compare with the source material. It’s an industry and money talks, so this is a sad inevitability as games developed in Japan don’t have huge appeal in the wider mainstream market. Read More »

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