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Adam is the creator and a co-owner at Dusty Cartridge. He’s also a freelance games journalist and lover of shenanigans. When he isn’t out trying to get his hands on the latest releases, he’s working hard writing articles for you. You can check out his ramblings on Twitter @adamguetti.

The Dusty Cartridge Podcast: Episode 30


Oh, hello there and welcome to a very special Episode 30 of The Dusty Cartridge Podcast, the show we honestly never thought would make it past Episode Five. In this week’s momentous audio outing, Mark, Adam, Chad and Chris are joined by Daniel Walker to debate, reminisce and talk about all things video games so prepare yourself for some serious discussions about Batman: Arkham Origins, the best and worst games of the generation and our favourite Dusty Cartridge moments. Read More »

Tomb Raider Review

tomb raider feature2

For the longest time, I was unsure how I felt about Tomb Raider. Here was a game so clearly trying to mirror the execution of an Uncharted game, yet failing to succeed in the task. Then, as I delved deeper and deeper, it became strikingly apparent that Crystal Dynamics wasn’t attempting to walk in Naughty Dog’s shadows so much as cast a brand new one. But is that even possible? Read More »

Insomniac Don’t Want to Become Sony First-Party: Interview With Brian Allgeier


Insomniac Games has certainly been through some drama with Fuse. Originally being unveiled as Overstrike, only to change its name and core mechanics soon after, it’s been a pretty eventful ride for all to watch. But now with the release of Fuse finally drawing near, there was no better time to sit with the game’s Creative Director, Brian Allgeier and chat about all things Insomniac, game design and just what he thinks about becoming first-party. Read More »

Turtle Beach Ear Force Z6A Headset Review


Turtle Beach is no doubt trying its best to create waves in the video game world with its line of headsets. You only need to look at the Call of Dusty Ear Force Sierra to see hard evidence. But what about the rest of us? The gamers who want a high-end PC headset without needing to orchestrate a series of elaborate bank heists? The Turtle Beach Ear Force Z6A would love to be the answer to your prayers, but is it?

Read More »

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