About Daniel

A seasoned journalist and obvious video game enthusiast (8-bit 1up Mushroom tattoo and all), Dan spends most of his time buying up anything pixelated, avoiding the outdoors and reviewing the dregs of the gaming word. You can find him on Facebook or via Steam (technoheathen).

Wildstar Review


Before we get started, let me lay out how this went down. MMO’s, by design, are beats. They are the bloated mega sharks of the gaming world – content rich time sinks that take, literally, months to explore (and many months more to master) With that in mind, there was really no hope of smashing out a succinct review in a timely fashion, it’s damn near impossible for a game of this size. Read More »

Creating a Cosplay: Spider-Man 2099


Another convention, another cosplay. This time last year I was putting the finishing touches on my first ever cosplay – the very basic Borderlands Psycho. While I revisited that particular costume for this year’s Supanova Pop Culture Expo, I really couldn’t bring myself to don that Psycho mask a third time. I wanted variety. I wanted to take my burgeoning interest in cosplay to greater heights, so I opted to try my hand at Spider-Man 2099. Read More »

Rise of the Triad Review


PC gamers of yesteryear had it pretty rough. I have fond memories of playing early first person shooters on my old 386. Games like Hexen, Redneck Rampage and of course, Doom. These were classic titles, no one would argue that. But by today’s standards, they’re absolutely atrocious. Thankfully, most of those tropes are largely a thing of the past and have long been forgotten. Enter Rise of the Triad. Read More »

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