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Marty is a contributor at Dusty Cartridge. He's also a freelance videogames journalist and borderline game addict. When he isn't slaying demons in Dark Souls he's meditating or attempting to lucid dream. You can follow his pearls of wisdom on Twitter @GladstoneMartin.

Dusty Cartridge Debates: Are Cutscenes Outdated?


There was a time when cut-scenes were deployed to reward the dedicated gamer, offering a glance into graphics of the future while providing the contextualization needed to tell a story. For some its survival has continued to be a source of reward and relaxation, while others complain it’s one of the mediums most outdated traditions. We brought in two of DC’s finest to tackle the issue – is it finally time to let the cut-scene wither into oblivion? Read More »

Dragon’s Crown Review


No review of Dragon’s Crown is complete without referring to the busty proportions of its female cast, not because that’s all it has to offer but because it demonstrates Vanillaware is incapable of crafting a character defined by anything other than their ludicrous bust size. Ignore the shallow stereotyping however, and you’ll discover a challenging 2D action side-scroller that more than makes up for its shortcomings. Read More »

Outlast Review


The last image I expected to burn into my mind was Tony Abbott’s penis, but lo and behold, about two hours into my Outlast play-through, I was treated to such a nightmaric exposure. The clone was standing behind a caged door staring at me, his manhood casually dangling in what little light illuminated the decor of an insane asylum. “I want his tongue, and liver”, he said. Three hours later he was chasing me through dimly lit halls, knife in hand. He must have discovered I voted labor. Read More »

Dusty Cartridge Debates: Grand Theft Auto vs Watch_Dogs


Grand Theft Auto has ruled over the open-world dominion for the better part of a decade, offering its people a land bubbling with wealth, freedom and soaring murder rates. But now this leader faces an impending threat. Dubbed the Kingslayer by some, or Watch_Dogs by others, he’s planning to lob off GTA’s widely reputed head, and then claim his place in the throne of games. Read More »

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