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Peter ‘MuseDragon’ Zaluzny is an objectively opinionated gamer, journalist and metal head with a Bachelor of Journalism from the University of Wollongong. Aside from thinking up terrible gamer tags, he enjoys photographing bands and pretending that he knows about computer components. Check out his blog for more fun!

Top 5 Call of Duty Games From The 7th Generation


Love ‘em or loathe ‘em, it’s impossible to deny the impact of the Call of Duty series. Since hitting the seventh generation of consoles, it became one of the most popular and best selling franchises of all time. Sure every game was essentially the same as the last, but the starting point set the bar high enough to ensure that each annual release was a quality action romp. Read More »

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag Preview – Taking It To The Seas


Let’s not beat around the bush, Assassin’s Creed III wasn’t all that good – for the most part anyway. It tried to reach further than it’s grasp would allow, resulting in a pretty forgettable, (save for a few interesting plot turns) buggy experience. That is, except for the naval combat, which managed to capture the thrill of captaining a ship during large scale ocean encounters, refining the combat with excellent controls. Read More »

The School Of History: Sylvester & Tweety: Breakfast on the Run


Back in the 1990s, when Nintendo still ruled the land, there were all manner of irrelevant games that tried to tie into movies or TV shows. It seemed that if a developer had an idea but couldn’t work out how to market it, it’d just slap an instantly recognisable figure on the box and hope for the best. In 1998, Sylvester & Tweety: Breakfast on the Run was released, an isometric platformer that was fun, but lacking in both context and relevancy. Read More »

Video Game Face Off: Grand Theft Auto vs. Angry Birds


Ask a passerby if they’ve heard of Angry Birds or Grand Theft Auto. You’ll be hard pressed to find someone who hasn’t heard of either, as each series has gained global recognition (or infamy) in and outside gaming circles. Both games are well made, addictively enjoyable, and so economically successfully that their financial splashes are big enough to engulf a tidal wave. Read More »

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