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The End Of Dusty Cartridge – Part 1


Fellow readers, as you might have noticed, things have been a bit quiet on the DC front. Between life and a lot of our contributors being busy with other opportunities, content has been extremely slow. So after some discussion with our EIC, we’ve decided that all good things must come to an end – and as such, Dusty Cartridge will be going on an indefinite hiatus. Read More »

Creating a Cosplay: Spider-Man 2099


Another convention, another cosplay. This time last year I was putting the finishing touches on my first ever cosplay – the very basic Borderlands Psycho. While I revisited that particular costume for this year’s Supanova Pop Culture Expo, I really couldn’t bring myself to don that Psycho mask a third time. I wanted variety. I wanted to take my burgeoning interest in cosplay to greater heights, so I opted to try my hand at Spider-Man 2099. Read More »

Letter From The Editor: Commenters, Trolls and Sycophants


There was a part of me that cheered when IGN decided it was going to moderate its comment sections more thoroughly, citing that they wanted to create a better, safer community with less vitriol and hate. You can’t argue that it’s a bad thing, unless you want to appeal to a slippery slope fallacy in which case the question falls to trust: how much stock do you put in a website to maintain a fair level of discussion? Read More »

Video Games Live: The Melody of Gaming


This past Friday I was privileged enough to attend the Video Games Live concert in downtown San Francisco at Davies Symphony Hall. I remember almost every single moment of it. But, there’s absolutely no way I’m handing in 3,000 words of copy as my article on the VGL concert I went to. What I can do is give a sense of what it was like, the high moments, the electric atmosphere and absolutely fantastic audience involvement. Read More »

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