Welcome to the new Dusty Cartridge


Hello there wanderers of the interweb, and welcome to the wonderful world of Dusty Cartridge.

For those of you out there who remember Dusty Cartridge 1.0, we’re back, better than ever, and here to stay. First and foremost we’ve given the site a rather extensive and modernised facelift. After all, times they are a changing and so have we. Along with the notably refined look though comes a refined vision. A plethora of gaming centric sites and blogs quickly set their focus on simply rehashing news to the masses. Let me say straight out – that’s not us.

Instead, our aim is to provide consistently original and quality editorial content. Whether it be commentary on the industry, a trip down memory lane, or even the latest app you should spend all 99 of those precious cents on, we strive to create a focal point of discussion within the gaming community.

The new Dusty Cartridge is fully optimised for mobile devices.

But this site also aims to cater for YOU, fair gamer. I know the desire and struggles of worming your way into this insanely niche industry all too well. That is why we’ve made the decision to try and offer up a helping hand to all of you wannabe writers.

If any of you on the other side of this screen have an amazing article idea that is bulging from your mind, and possess a penchant for writing, drop me an email at adam@dustycartridge.com and I will try my damnedest to help it see the light of day. Gaming after all, is all about the community, and it’s this community we would love to grow and foster here on Dusty Cartridge.

But for now, go make yourself a beverage, put your feet up and read some articles. While you’re here though, make sure you tell your friends about us, ‘Like’ our Facebook page and follow all of us on Twitter for all our mindless, yet prophetic ramblings. All the cool kids are doing it.

Most of all though, enjoy the brand spanking new, Dusty Cartridge.

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Who We Are

Dusty Cartridge aims to provide you with quality, original editorial content that drives conversation within the gaming community. So get reading!

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