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Have you ever thought to yourself “Dang it, I really wish I had some way to show my love for Dusty Cartridge while in public.” Perhaps you’ve been in need of some stylish gamer threads that are equally nerdy AND fashionable? Well, it looks like your prayers have been answered – allow us to introduce you to the Dusty Cartridge web store!

As you would have guessed, the DC web store is your one stop shop for apparel, showcasing your favourite gaming blog on the interwebs. We’ve aimed to keep the designs fresh and different, as opposed to simply plastering ‘Dusty Cartridge’ in white text on a black tee. With our range of shirts on your chest, you’ll be the envy of your friends, turn heads at night clubs and have everyone asking “Who IS that stylish individual?”

Want to be one of the cool kids? Grab these shirts.

Want to be one of the cool kids? Grab these shirts.

Aside from the usual DC logo branding though, we also have a small series of apparel, inspired by quotes from video games both new and old. The first two available are “FK In The Coffee”, made popular by the ridiculously cheesy Deadly Premonition and “Do A Barrel Roll”, from the one and only Star Fox 64. We’re going to be expanding the current range within the coming months, so be sure to keep an eye out for new designs by hitting refresh every five minutes!

So what are you waiting for? Head over to the store now, grab a couple shirts for you pal and show your support for Dusty Cartridge! You know you want to.

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