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BioShock Infinite vs. Tomb Raider: Where does violence belong?


There have been a fair few articles popping up recently criticizing the violence in BioShock Infinite, claiming it was too excessive, or alienated you from Booker, or whether or not it had a place in the game to begin with. While I can find a few articles accusing Tomb Raider of slightly similar sins, there don’t seem to be any that go into the amount of depth that journalists have taken to with Infinite. Read More »

BioShock Infinite: Constants and Variables

variables feature

Infinite is a game that we are going to be talking about for a long time. I applaud it, first of all, for not always assuming the player is stupid, that they need to be handfed. Infinite never gives too much away about its overall plot, and some have argued whether it truly explores many of the issues it raises. Overall, Infinite never forces understanding on you. Read More »

Games Have a Place to Critique Politics: Interview with Irrational’s Bill Gardner Part 2


BioShock Infinite has been played and reviewed industry-wide (ours is coming soon, I promise), and it’s been met with high scores across the board. In the second part of our interview with Bill Gardner from Irrational, we delve into what it took to get Infinite to its level of quality, whether or not games are challenging their audiences enough and much more! Read More »

Video Game Face Off: BioShock vs. Killzone


After crashing into the ocean, Jack, the playable protagonist in BioShock, descends in a bathysphere to the underwater ‘utopia’ of Rapture. In that opening scene, not a single bullet flies. Instead of highlighting the fact that this is another shoot-now, ask-questions-never affair, BioShock carefully introduces its nuanced world and intricate philosophy through a simple slideshow presented by Andrew Ryan. Read More »

Games Have a Place to Critique Politics: Interview with Irrational’s Bill Gardner


There is little doubt in any gamers mind as to how god damn good BioShock Infinite is going to be. But there’s more to it than that – the original BioShock was not only a meta masterpiece, it was an incredibly effective critique of capitalist philosophy and really forced us to look at how morals and society functions. I was lucky enough to sit down with the Design Director of BioShock Infinite to probe him on the game’s politics and more! Read More »

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