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Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Review


Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is hands-down, the quintessential Tekken experience. After 18 years of fine-tuning the series, Katsuhiro Harada and the geniuses over at Namco Bandai have managed to concoct a game that possesses everything you could ever want in a fighter. With a whopping 59 characters, an deceptively simple yet deep fighting system and a slew of polished online and offline game modes, it’s hard not to be spoiled for choice. Read More »

A Chat With Tekken Series Director Katsuhiro Harada: Part 2


In case you’ve been living under a rock or if you simply missed it, last week we had the chance to sit down with Mr Katsuhiro Harada, Director of the Tekken series. Today in Part 2 we finish off our chat and discuss working with the Wii U, Namco Bandai on the next Smash Bros. and why you shouldn’t skip Tekken Tag Tournament 2 this September. Read More »

A Chat With Tekken Series Director Katsuhiro Harada: Part 1


With Tekken Tag Tournament 2 months away from release, the one and only Katsuhiro Harada (Director of the Tekken series) paid a visit to the Aussie Namco Bandai office. We gained the chance to have a chat with Harada to get the low down on all things Tag 2, working with the Wii U and why you shouldn’t skip on the latest iteration on a fan series favourite. Read More »

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