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Bravely Default Review


As you may already know, I have a deeply contentious relationship with Japanese Role Playing Games. While there are a few titles I consider among the best games I’ve ever played, the vast majority of the genre I have little but contempt for. I want to like a lot of the JRPGs I play, but I’m soon put off by either the narrative, the gameplay mechanics, or the all too often glacial pacing of the gameplay. Or terribly enough, a combination of all three. Read More »

The Five Core Concepts of Final Fantasy


While revealing more about their upcoming Luminous engine, Squenix ‘revealed’ the five core concepts of Final Fantasy, each one of them being gloriously and completely wrong. Looking at these points, it’s not hard to see why Final Fantasy has gotten progressively worse since the PS2 era. To help them on their way to making another FF title that isn’t terrible then, I’ve gone and redone their list for them. Read More »

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