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Army of Two: The Devil’s Cartel Review


I remember distinctly playing the first Army of Two title. It wasn’t perfect by any stretch, but the roughhousing on show from Salem and Rios, a pair of gruff operative dude-bros, was mildly endearing when it wasn’t being overtly juvenile. I never did tuck into the sequel, 40th Day, but I’m not glad to discover that The Devil’s Cartel takes two steps backward from the original. Read More »

Is Dead Space 3 Already Dead?

dead space 3 feature

When the original Dead Space released it filled the survival horror void that Resident Evil had left in its move to the current generation of consoles. I understood why RE had to change, to appeal to a wider audience and generate more sales, but I felt cheated. And despite my best efforts to shake it that feeling has returned for Dead Space 3. So after two hours hands-on with the title and an interview with series producer John Calhoun, were my concerns justified Read More »

Is There Any Horror Left In Dead Space 3?


Dead Space has never been about frightening the player with cheap scares. Sure, every now and then it throws a surprise at you, but its strength has always been in creating a constant sense of fear as you sneak from room to room, plasma cutter raised, with almost no ammunition to spare. I took the first 20 minutes of Dead Space 3 for a spin, but found that while the action is still there, the game itself is largely removed from its horrific predecessors. Read More »

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