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Should Nintendo Hold Off The Wii U’s Release?


The answer is yes, a definite and resounding yes, but there are very good reasons as to why. As hard as it is for a pleb like me to question a company that can market garbage successfully, I feel it is my solemn responsibility to let Nintendo know that they shouldn’t release their ‘new’ console in the year of 2012, and that you, the unwitting yet surprisingly literate consumer, shouldn’t want them to. Read More »

Post Mortem: Ubisoft E3 2012 Press Conference


I’m just going to go out and say it, Ubisoft won E3 2012. While it’s not saying much considering how incredibly safe and lackluster all the big boys played it (I’m looking at you Nintendo) but Ubisoft managed to become the diamond in the rough this year with their press conference. Despite continuing the trend to redefine the word awkward, they did deliver on one thing that was lacking this E3: the good old fashion thrill and excitement of a well-kept surprise. Read More »

Post Mortem: Sony E3 2012 Press Conference


E3 of 2012 proved a few things to me, the foremost of which being that the show is becoming less and less relevant for those actually involved in the gaming community. Sony’s conference, however, was the most telling of the big three, providing an insight into the PlayStation recipe: a pinch of greatness, a smattering of ‘why didn’t you do this before,’ and handfuls of idiotic abandon. Read More »

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