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SXSW 2014 Wrap Up – Gaming Southern Style


Last week, I attended my first South by Southwest gaming expo. A rare chance for the general public to experience emerging technologies, meet developers, and check out what the future of gaming has to offer. The convention center was filled with excited fans and curious families checking out big names like Nintendo and Microsoft showed off their new systems, but among them where a plethora of small studios trying to leave their mark on the industry. Read More »

Evolve vs. Titanfall – The Next-Gen Multiplayer Match-up


After hands-on time with both Evolve and Titanfall, I can’t help but think 2014 will be remembered as the year multiplayer gaming leveled up. Both offer an experience refreshingly unique, pitting players as either a monster or a titan, as a soldier or hunter. Unfortunately some of us can’t justify the purchase of two multiplayer-centric games, and will be restricted to playing just one. Read More »

Letter From The Editor: Are Games Media Out of Touch With Regular Gamers?


There came a point, where, as a greasy waiter with the smile of a used car salesman and the hair of someone who still had hair and wasn’t bald, I realised that I didn’t want to be explaining why it was a bad idea for a particular customer to order his chicken burger medium rare. Apparently, ‘dying of salmonella’ wasn’t a term this man had heard before. Read More »

Beginner to Billionaire: Tips and Tricks for Animal Crossing: New Leaf


Recently, my friends took me lovingly by the hands and lead me into the wonderful world of Nintendo with my very first handheld. Little did I know that my shiny red 3DS would become a Christmas holiday addiction. So abandoning my beloved PC and all the wonders it has to offer me I forged bravely into a new world, and shiny new toy in hand, I set off in search of games. Read More »

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