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Recently, my friends took me lovingly by the hands and lead me into the wonderful world of Nintendo with my very first handheld. Little did I know that my shiny red 3DS would become a Christmas holiday addiction. So abandoning my beloved PC and all the wonders it has to offer me I forged bravely into a new world, and shiny new toy in hand, I set off in search of games.

“So what’s this Animal Crossing game I see everywhere? It’s like a kids game right?” What followed was a somewhat forced trip to our local game store, the purchase of Animal Crossing: New Leaf, and a quick spiral into addiction. Its hasn’t been pretty, but if through my experience I can help you all build your AC fortunes and blossom your towns, it will have been worth it. So please read my Bell making tips and you will be a Bellionaire before you know it.


Usually the first income avenue one finds in town is the fruit that is lusciously dangling from its trees’ branches. However fruit isn’t the only payoff to come from the towns’ vegetation. Shaking baron trees each day gives a random chance of coins falling out, five trees contain a beehive, (which with skill can be a handy source of income) and two trees contain a random piece of furniture. In Bells basics this is the place to start growing your empire.



There’s nothing more annoying than shaking a tree, only for a beehive to drop and an angry horde of bees to follow, ouch! If you have the skill, and you are up to a challenge then you can turn this hindrance to a help. I wont deny it ‘s an artful act, but totally possible to catch bees before they get a chance to sting you.

All the tools you are holding in your inventory can be toggled to by pressing left or right on the directional pad (Dpad), while pressing down puts the tool away. We use this system to our benefit making sure your net is the last tool you held. Before shaking a tree press down to put your net away.

Go ahead and shake your tree from the side then run about a screens’ distance away. You have to be fast but if you tap left/right on your Dpad you will pull out the net, hold A and face the bees, let go at the right time and BAM! you’ll catch your bees, and not your bees’ stings.


Approximately five star marks are randomly placed on the ground around town each day. They contain four fossils for the museum, one bonus crack for a Pitfall Seed and there are also Gyroids to be found from time to time. Each Gyroid makes its own sound when it gyrates so pair them with similar gyroids and produce your own rocking beats along with arm flailing fun! (List of Fossils)



Each day one rock will contain Bells, and another breakable rock a gem. Once you hit the Bell rock and the first coin comes out, you then have a limited time to hit it again. Each time you score a hit it’s worth more of dat money, with a maximum of eight hits for 16,100 Bells. Gems can be sold for top prices or collected and added to the museum at a later date.

Top Priced Gems
  • Amethyst – 2,000 bells

  • Emerald – 2,000 bells

  • Ruby – 2,000 bells

  • Sapphire – 2,000 bells

  • Silver – 3,000 bells

  • Gold – 4,000 bells


Every few days your fruit trees will replenish, and now you can stack fruit by dragging it into the space in your inventory ,so you can carry more. This makes cashing in on your harvest much faster. Any fruit that isn’t native to your own town will sell at a higher price. So trade some fruit with friends as a quick way to increase the worth of your crop. (Detailed List of Fruit)



My tip for fishing is to pump up the volume. You generally react faster to sound rather than animation, so this will increase your catch rate. The fish will nibble at the lure up to four times before biting at which time the lure plunges below the water and you hit A to reel in your catch.

Each fish shadow animation that appears has it’s own range of fish available. Those pulling in the big bells are much rarer and can often appear during selected times of day only.

Unlocking the silver and gold fishing rods can make your life as a fisherman so much easier. These rods are much more irresistible to the fish and the success rate increases as well. You will be able to buy the silver fishing rod at the museum gift shop, this is a public works project you will unlock down the track.

Top Priced Fish
  • Arapaima 10,000

  • Blue Marlin 10,000

  • Napoleonfish 10,000

  • Saw Shark 12000

  • Whale Shark 13000

  • Stringfish 15000

  • Shark 15000


If you want Animal Crossing to show you the money, then the Island Bugs are definitely the way to go. If you’re having trouble catching your bells… *cough, I mean bugs, then try holding down A to get a creeping start. To ensure that there is still a challenge involved the rarest beatles with the highest price tags are known to fly away no matter how much you creep. The answer? You’re just not being creepy enough (yeah I said it). Hold your A button but only bump your circle pad forward moving small amounts each time. If you’re doing it right, you will be bagging those big bugs in no time.

Top Priced Beetles
  • Scarab beetle: 6000 bells

  • Dynastid beetle: 1350 bells

  • Miyama stag beetle: 1000 bells

  • Saw stag beetle: 2000 bells

  • Giant stag beetle: 10,000 beetles

  • Rainbow stag beetle: 10,000 bells

  • Goliath beetle: 6000 bells

  • Atlas beetle: 8000 bells

  • Golden stag beetle: 12,000 bells

  • Hercules beetle: 11,250 bells

  • Cyclommatus beetle: 8000 bells

  • Elephant beetle: 8000


The turnip market is the most obvious way to become a Bellionaire, though it’s less of feature in the newer version of the game. The basic concept is you buy turnips each Sunday from Joan the Boar who will be chilling in your town from 6am-12pm. She generally sells them between 90-110 Bells a piece.

Then from Monday-Saturday you play the stalk market with Turnip stocks. Monitoring the turnip prices in your towns Re-Tail or those of your friends. Buy low, sell high and take a risk on which price is right. I will be honest I find this feature of the game a little boring but will give you one tip. Make sure you sell before Joan returns the following week or all you will gain is a pile of rotting turnips.

1Banking your Bellions

If you’re wondering what the ATM or ABD (Automatic Bell Dispenser) is doing in the Post Office then I can assure you it does actually have a purpose. Not much use to you in the settling days of your town, but down the track there is benefits for your balance. When your you reach some savings milestones you are rewarded with gifts for your success.

Gifts for Bell Balance Milestones
  • 100,000 Bells – Tissue Box

  • 500,000 Bells – Letter Set

  • 1 million Bells – Piggy Bank

  • 5 million Bells – Aluminum Case

  • 10 million Bells – Post Office Poster

  • 20 million Bells – Safe

  • 50 million Bells – Deliveryman Cap

  • 100 million Bells – ATM

Just like RL finance you’ll bank 0.5% interest each month as well. So if you can stick with the saving, your bank can be an income of its own.

So there it is, the results of my 3DS addiction for the last month. If you want to learn more about the money making arts or have more tips to share with me and others comment below.

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