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Australian developers Halfbrick Studios are certainly no stranger to success with their hit finger slasher Fruit Ninja remaining firmly planted in the iTunes top 10 for weeks on end. With their latest release to hit the App Store – Monster Dash, Halfbrick have tried to mix things up a little.

Taking control of the small yet mighty Barry, as the name not so subtly suggests, you will be dashing towards or away from various monsters, vampires and other assorted un-dead characters. About 20 seconds into Monster Dash you will probably start to remember the very similar game Canabalt and think that the two games play strikingly similar to each other. Well that would be because Monster Dash pretty much IS Canabalt, save for one major difference – guns. Now you might think that such a small implementation would add very little to a simple premised game such as this, but how wrong you would be.

That one little addition not only adds that extra layer of fun as you blast away your foes with machine guns, shotguns or even machine gun jetpack (yes you read the correctly) around, but also manages to add a strategic element to proceedings. When do I use this power-up? Should I try to save it? Why oh why am I out of ammo! As the distance ratchets up so too does the game’s speed and as everything quickly becomes one frantic tense blur these weapons become ever more valuable while you attempt to plan your next safely timed leap of faith.

Something can be said about the level of addiction for a game as simple as this, so total props must go to Halfbrick for making another fantastic time waster. Aside from the inbuilt achievements, Open Feint is present in force and dangle even more pride filled carrots in front of you. A word of warning however, some of these challenges can be brutal so pack a charger.

It’s like Terminator 2 all over again.

The only gripe one can have is the lack of variation with weapons, locations and enemies. It’s a small complaint from a simple game such as this but when you’re putting hour after hour into beating the next best high score it tends to stick out. Here’s hoping Halfbrick manage to pull out some fantastic and refreshing updates.

Check it out in the app store today!

The Verdict

For just over a dollar Monster Dash is a game that can’t be recommended enough. It’s a prime case of perfect pick up and play gameplay that through fantastic design manages to hook you in until your eyes hurt.
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