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With E3 creeping up on us like Gollum mid-puberty, Dusty Cartridge sent 15 men to brave the filthy, far reaching recesses of the internet. Their goal? Bring you the ultimate game guide to E3 2014. Eleven returned with an eye-popping list of rumoured and confirmed games. The rest were lost to a virtual world of sex, social media, and a place where you rate other people’s poo. This is for the fallen.


Ninty, keen to give Sony and Microsoft a chance again their record-breaking new –gen dust collector, has humbly withdrawn a traditional presence at the show, instead opting to make their announcements during a presentation called the “Nintendo Digital Event”. What a great bunch of guys!

Headlining the broadcast is a new-gen Wii U Zelda, though whether we’ll see video footage or just get details about the game is open to speculation. What we do know is the team is keen to shake up franchise conventions, with no limitation on what type of place Hyrule can be. Unfortunately, outside of Zelda, the company has been tight lipped about their E3 plans, though we’re sure to see more Super Smash Bros, X,Pokemon Omega RubyandAlpha Sapphire,Hyrule Warriors, and perhaps Bayonetta 2 gameplay. Our fingers are crossed for Metroid, but that puppy’s probably still a bit premature.

Please please, a brand new Zelda Ninty.

Please please, a brand new Zelda Ninty.


With PS4 sales dominating the eighth generation of video game consoles, the polygamous technology manufacturer will be keen to repeat last year’s show by humiliating Microsoft’s Xbox One policies, and debuting an avalanche of exclusive games.

Rumoured to headline their announcements is Uncharted 4, a game that’s [supposedly] been in the works for three years, with gameplay footage primed for E3. Another game that’s been in the works for a while – eight years to be exact – is The Last Guardian. Surely this year’s E3 will be the big reveal. Then, if our creators are generous, we’ll see a God of War 4 unveiling. Of course, Sony has some big impending releases so expect Deep Down, The Order 1888, and Drive Club gameplay footage, along with a crap load of Project Morpheus tech demos.

"Hopefully, we get to see the light of day buddy."

“Hopefully, we get to see the light of day buddy.”


After the Xbone’s big E3 flop last year, Microsoft will be keen to bring out the big boys with a focus on exclusive games. They’ve already promised a ‘significant pipeline’ of new games from Microsoft Studios, so expect reveals and gameplay footage of titles we were teased with last year.

The show stealer is sure to be Halo 5: Guardians, with 343 Industries General Manager, Bonnie Ross, referring to the game [or its release] as a journey, rather than a destination, and promising to reveal more at E3. Another look at Quantum Break’s and Sunset Overdrive’s gameplay footage should support that reveal, with potential Gears of War 4, Forza Horizon 2, and Killer Instinct: Season 2 unveilings (key word potential). Oh, and prepare for a massive focus on the Kinect-less Xbox One.

And Everything Else

As honourable as first party support is, it’s from those polygamous third party developers that the bulk of announcements come from. Ubisoft and EA are once again looking to be major players this year, while Capcom, Activision, Square Enix and NetherRealm seem keen to flex some muscle.

As far as confirmed appearances go, Star Wars: Battlefront and Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare are gunning for the most anticipated reveal spot, while footage of Far Cry 4, The Sims 4, and The Division follow closely behind. Other titles such as Batman: Arkham Knight, Assassins Creed: Unity, The Witcher 3, Dragon Age: Inquisition, Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Pain, Final Fantasy XV, Lords of the Fallen and Destiny, while unconfirmed, can also expect some of that glaring E3 spotlight. Of course, the most exciting announcements made are those we’ve heard little about, save for the tidbits of information we get from our little birds. This year we’ve heard rumours of:

  • Resident Evil 7 – Japanese daily newspaper, Sankei Shimbun, reports that Capcom intends to reveal an important game at E3, one with sales’ expectations hovering around RE 6’s 5.6 million.
  • Mortal Kombat 2 – Kiefer Sutherland claims he’s completed his work on the unannounced sequel, while series creator, Ed Boon, has set a cryptic twitter countdown that ends just before E3.

Then, to get into really shaky territory, there’s talk that Tomb Raider 2 and Mass Effect 4 are well into development. E3 2014 would be the perfect time for their debut.

What are you guys excited about for this year’s E3? Let us know in the comments below!

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