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The Dusty Cartridge Podcast: Episode 20


Welcome back to The Dusty Cartridge Podcast, where we take a time-out to make the shocking discovery that one of us didn’t know McDonalds serves strawberry sundaes. We’re back with a bang this week as we’re joined by Alex Walker and Dan Walker to discuss the rumours of an always-online Xbox, our thoughts on BioShock Infinite, Disney shutting down LucasArts and much more! Read More »

The Issue With DmC’s Vergil


I had a lot of problems with the story in DmC: Devil May Cry, but none so poignant or heartfelt as my problem with Vergil. His voice-acting was good, he looked so similarly dissimilar to Dante that it really did seem like the two were twins, yet, by attempting to provide further flesh and depth to the character, Ninja Theory threw out the balance that the original essence behind Devil May Cry had managed to build. Read More »

The Dusty Cartridge Podcast: Episode 15


Hello and welcome to Episode 15 of The Dusty Cartridge Podcast – the show where we say we will talk about porn so much that we have to implement a ban in order to stop. For the first time in weeks Mark, Adam, Chad and Chris get together to actually talk about games. Get ready for your fortnightly dose of awesomeness as we cover DmC, Ni No Kuni: Wraith Of The White Witch, the big hitters from CES, jizz balls and more! Read More »

Our Favourite PlayStation 2 Games


In the saddest news that’s ever faced the history of the globe, it was announced that the PlayStation 2, a console that reached no less than 155 million units sold, was to cease production. The Dusty Cartridge crew has had some great memories of the blue and black box, so we’ve given them the chance to reminisce about their favourite titles from the now long-gone era. Read More »

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