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Top 5 Video Game Soundtracks of this Console Generation


Recently, some game journalists have begun to explore the notion that music may not be as integral to the experience of playing a video game as players once thought. I call shenanigans. Regardless of whether or not you turn the volume on your PS Vita down during your commute, it stands to reason that one of the ways in which video games are instantly recognizable is through their music. Hum the theme to Super Mario Bros. and even your grandparents will know where it comes from. Read More »

5 Reasons Why Video Games Suck


It’s no secret that I detest both video games and the gaming industry. I hate hearing about them, I hate playing them, and most importantly, I … hate … writing about them. At this point, the only thing that keeps me going are the substantial pay checks I get from publishers to praise their games. Don’t ask me how it works, I just get sent the games, don’t play them, write the review, sell the game and then get my cash dollars. Read More »

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