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5 Things in Video Games That You Never Used To Pay For


Gamers today are odd creatures, the kind of people who can rage about the cost of DLC one moment, and the next minute new DLC releases for their favorite game it’s “OH! Three new costumes for this one character for the low-low price of $15?! TAKE MY MONEY!” This specific behavior got me thinking about how I spend money on games. Read More »

Mass Effect 3: Citadel Review

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A lot of people won’t like Citadel, Mass Effect 3’s final bit of DLC, because they’re under the impression that the DLC “adds nothing” to the conclusion of the game. Fair enough. Mass Effect 3 wrapped up back in March, after all. Why should anyone want to pay for and play an additional chapter in game that they’ve already finished? Well, sit back and give me a couple of minutes: I’ll tell you why this episode warrants a revisit of the game if you’re a fan. Read More »

5 Awesome Video Game Intros


The first five minutes of any game are important. It might not offer any gameplay, but if it doesn’t, it better damn well set the tone and pull the player into its universe. The Dusty Cartridge crew has collected their favourite introductions, the ones that sucker punched us, made us lose control of our bladders, and filled us with the unique brand of wonder that only games can inspire. Read More »

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