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The Dusty Cartridge Podcast: Episode 20


Welcome back to The Dusty Cartridge Podcast, where we take a time-out to make the shocking discovery that one of us didn’t know McDonalds serves strawberry sundaes. We’re back with a bang this week as we’re joined by Alex Walker and Dan Walker to discuss the rumours of an always-online Xbox, our thoughts on BioShock Infinite, Disney shutting down LucasArts and much more! Read More »

Top 5 Most Spectacular Nukes in Gaming


Fortunately, the Nagasaki and Hiroshima injustices are the only recorded nuclear detonations in the history of human warfare. A streak North Korea are keen to go all combo-breaker on, having just vowed to light Washington up like a Christmas tree. So, let’s see, can I list some of gaming’s most spectacular mushroom clouds before Korea manage to see a missile over the ocean? Okay, go. Read More »

My Excitement And Fear For Metal Gear Rising


The infamous bait and switch that Hideo Kojima pulled on the entire gaming industry, most commonly known as Metal Gear Solid 2, initially led players to despise Raiden for years on end. Jump forward to Metal Gear Solid 4, and Raiden is now a fan favourite. Goodbye to the whinging pretty boy, and hello to one of the most ruthless and bad-arse ninja cyborgs to ever set foot in a game. Read More »

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