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Video Game Face Off: Crash Bandicoot vs. Metroid


Both the Metroid series and the Crash Bandicoot series have instantly recognizable protagonists: Samus Aran is the gun-armed superheroine of the Metroid franchise and the eponymous Crash Bandicoot is the orange-skinned, “Australian” bandicoot of the Crash Bandicoot series. Today these two worlds, and their heroes, collide in a fight to the death. Let the games begin. Read More »

Sexism Sells


Ever since video games stopped using 8-bit spaceships and started using human characters, the portrayal of women has been pretty poor. Most female game characters fall into two patriarchal categories and although there have been notable exceptions along the long road, they’re few and far between. Despite the technical advancements and the maturity of the industry, mainstream games continue to churn out under-developed female characters that fall easily into these oppressive roles. Read More »

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