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Need for Speed: Rivals Preview – Hit and Run


Need For Speed is one of the oldest and longest running franchises in video gaming. I can’t think of anything in the West that has received consistent support, in the same genre, from a single publisher over two decades. But despite the ground the series has covered – underground racing, track racing, working as a Porsche delivery driver – cops and racers remain the meat and potatoes of the franchise. Read More »

E3 2013: EA Press Conference Post-Mortem


Straight from one conference to the next. Without a moment’s rest the DC crew swapped venues and headed on down to the EA pre-E3 2013 press conference. Half a dozen or so games were showcased, some expected, some majorly unexpected. Here’s our un-indepth wrap up with a few preliminary thoughts. Garden Warfare The conference opened… Read more » Read More »

Need For Speed: Most Wanted U Review


If you asked me about cars, all I could tell you is “magic steel transport box”. I’m sure this would make the racing fans out there weep at my ignorance, however you don’t need to learn code to appreciate a video game, in the same way, I don’t need to know the difference between a Corsette and a LabourGenie (or whatever you kids these days like) to appreciate a Need for Speed game. Read More »

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