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Community: The Australian FGC Episode 07 – Dejan Stantic


Here in Australia we have a small population spread over such a large land mass, so you see a lot of small regional communities pop up run by passionate dudes like Dejan. Props to every regional community organiser out there for their hard work, I hope to see everybody get together at the yearly majors and that we can work together to make our national scene even bigger. Read More »

Community: The Australian FGC Episode 04 – Daichi Dissects


Today, we take a break from our usual programming to bring you a very special episode- Daichi Dissects! Daichi Akahoshi, hailing from Japan, is Melbourne’s resident Magneto master and Vergil abuser. He possesses a keen and incredibly scientific mind for the game of Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3. In this episode he sits down with us to analyse the games and play-styles of various Marvel players in Australia. Read More »

Community: The Australian FGC Episode 03 – Michael “Cactus” Ashmore


The third episode of Community features Michael “Cactus” Ashmore. A long time mainstay in the Melbourne FGC, the Golden Child is mild-mannered in demeanour but packs a nasty far standing fierce. He’s a strangely modest individual, scratching his beard when he beats your ass with his Dhalsim and giggling good-humouredly when you hit him with something stupid. Read More »

Community: The Australian FGC Episode 02 – Dan “DisasterFX” Richards


Our second episode features Dan “DisasterFX” Richards. Formerly a Smash Bros. player, Dan has since become the champion of “unpopular” games in the Melbourne scene such as Street Fighter x Tekken and Injustice. Dan’s passionate and helpful to newcomers to those games, and what I admire about him is that he’s just not empty words like so many other “minority game” enthusiasts. Read More »

Community: The Australian FGC Episode 01 – Mike “The TV” Skolnik


A community consists of so many different kinds of people. Intellectuals, staunch regulars, streamers, tournament organisers, anime lovers, commentators, retro game enthusiasts and those dudes that go 0-2 and just keep coming back. Everybody is an equally an important part of our community and without these guys there wouldn’t be a community to exist in the first place. Read More »

Top 5 Most Popular Oceanic eSports Titles


They said eSports would never fill stadiums. I don’t know who “they” were but it seems “they” couldn’t have been more wrong. Global eSports has followed South Korea’s lead and boomed all over Europe, China and the US. The flood of online competition has been trickling down to the Oceanic scene, leading to an an overall increase in prize money, viewership and prestige. Read More »

Taking Shadowloo Showdown To The Next Level: An Interview with Ali “X” Abdo


Ali “X” Abdo is the co-founder of the ShadowLogic organisation and has been the first contact/gateway to the Melbourne community for several years now, always taking the time to meet and introduce new players to the scene, myself included. This musclebound FGC member is a hoot to be around, as the ridiculous things that tumble out of his mouth along with his comedy shenanigans always make you laugh after a long day of Street Fighter. Read More »

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