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Super Mario 3D World Preview – Here We Go Again


No, Nintendo is not porting the 3DS exclusive, Super Mario 3D Land to the Wii U. With similar names, similar play styles, and similar environments, you’d be forgiven for thinking the Big N was pulling a quick shifty and porting yet another game. Still, we got our dirty little hands on the follow up to 3D Land at E3 this year, and while Mario slides perfectly into the world of High Definition, a lack of innovation and creative flair is proving to be a tad worrying. Read More »

Video Game Face Off: Mario Bros. vs. Donkey Kong


Though not scientifically proven, I am certain the number of coins put into Donkey Kong machines over the years, if stacked on top of each other, would reach the moon. It was a mega hit and introduced the world to two of Nintendo’s “Founding Fathers” – Mario and Donkey Kong. Truly, the success of that single cabinet spurred the creation of two of gaming’s mega-franchises: Mario Bros. and Donkey Kong. Read More »

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