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Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition Review


I’m not usually a fan of plastic surgery. Being expensive and purely superficial, I was hesitant the first time I laid hands on Lara’s ‘definitive’ body. This is, after all, the second time the brunette has gone under the knife. The first time she got a breast reduction, now she’s suffered an extensive facelift. Fortunately for us Square Enix are master surgeons, sculpting this next-gen edition of Lara into the defining version of the game. Read More »

I’m Tired of Violence for Violence Sake


I wrote a question piece a little while ago asking where the place of violence was in video games in response to the few critics that jumped on Their Little Ponies and said that “Hey, BioShock Infinite didn’t even need to be violent!”. More often than not, these same critics had previously shouted praise at Tomb Raider and the love they felt for her because she was ‘vulnerable’ and ‘just trying her best’. Read More »

BioShock Infinite vs. Tomb Raider: Where does violence belong?


There have been a fair few articles popping up recently criticizing the violence in BioShock Infinite, claiming it was too excessive, or alienated you from Booker, or whether or not it had a place in the game to begin with. While I can find a few articles accusing Tomb Raider of slightly similar sins, there don’t seem to be any that go into the amount of depth that journalists have taken to with Infinite. Read More »

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