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Top 5 Strategy Franchises In Gaming


I’ve been playing a lot of strategy games lately. Maybe it’s because the recently released Civilization V: Brave New World has been scratching my turn-based itch; or maybe it’s the fact that this year’s Steam sale has been especially good for us strategy folk. In and amongst the managing of resources, sacking of cities, and annihilation of my enemies, I’ve taken some time to draw up a list of what I think are the five best strategy franchises ever made. Read More »

Games Workshop + The Creative Assembly = Warhammer: Total War?


Warhammer and Total War aren’t that different; they both place armies in the hands of people who, by rights, shouldn’t be left alone with butter knives. With the news revealing that Games Workshop and The Creative Assembly have teamed up, Mark and Phil got together to discuss what they think the joining of these two strategy power-houses will create. The most hardcore and nerdy RTS of all time? Or just another failed Warhammer title? Read More »

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