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What Studio Would You Like to See Remake Metal Gear Solid?


The act of remaking any game stands as a large feat and is more than simply adding a coat of new paint and calling it HD. The Metal Gear franchise is no stranger to outside studios with Silicon Knights’ original remake, Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes, for the Nintendo GameCube in 2004, and the more recent spinoff, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, by Platinum Games. Read More »

I’m Tired of Violence for Violence Sake


I wrote a question piece a little while ago asking where the place of violence was in video games in response to the few critics that jumped on Their Little Ponies and said that “Hey, BioShock Infinite didn’t even need to be violent!”. More often than not, these same critics had previously shouted praise at Tomb Raider and the love they felt for her because she was ‘vulnerable’ and ‘just trying her best’. Read More »

5 Awesome Video Game Intros


The first five minutes of any game are important. It might not offer any gameplay, but if it doesn’t, it better damn well set the tone and pull the player into its universe. The Dusty Cartridge crew has collected their favourite introductions, the ones that sucker punched us, made us lose control of our bladders, and filled us with the unique brand of wonder that only games can inspire. Read More »

Has Gamescom Saved The PlayStation Vita?


Nobody can deny that Sony’s PlayStation Vita has been experiencing more than its fair share of troubles. A less than stellar launch, a distinct lack of games and even flailing support in the system’s motherland of Japan has plagued the system for months. The Vita centric Gamescom press conference aimed to change all that. But did it succeed? Read on as two Vita owners shoot the shit on the current state of the Vita and discuss what’s next. Read More »

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