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EB Expo 2012: ZombiU Hands-On Impressions


After a hands-on session with Ubisoft’s upcoming zombie title, ZombiU, I can say I’m excited for its release, if just a bit tentative. The tentative side of me remembers the first trailer for Dead Island. While ZombiU’s marketing has focused on aspects of gameplay, it is essential the title nails its narration if it hopes to avoid the Dead Island story trap. Read More »

Getting Past the Gimmicks


Despite my general apathy when it comes to the Wii U, I am very interested in the controller. A GamePad with a built in touch screen? That’s an idea that shows promise, and that could one day, become very helpful indeed. Notice how I wrote about greatness as though, even if it were achievable, it’s quite far off? Well, that’s because I have the sinking feeling that the first wave of launch titles are going to implement the secondary screen in completely irritating, gimmicky ways. Read More »

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