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Dragon’s Crown Review


No review of Dragon’s Crown is complete without referring to the busty proportions of its female cast, not because that’s all it has to offer but because it demonstrates Vanillaware is incapable of crafting a character defined by anything other than their ludicrous bust size. Ignore the shallow stereotyping however, and you’ll discover a challenging 2D action side-scroller that more than makes up for its shortcomings. Read More »

Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix Review


Take a minute with me here. I want everyone to just bask in the glory of the age that we live in. For games, I mean. Objective markers, mission logs, fast travel. Anything that keeps your gaming experience streamlined and consistently enjoyable. Now I want you to ask yourself, “Can I live without all that?” and then you can begin to understand where the exercise in verbal obscenities that was my weekend with Kingdom Hearts 1.5: Final Remix begins. Read More »

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Review


After playing through what feels like years of Monster Hunter 3 games, I thought I had washed my hands of the soul-crushingly hardcore monster-slaying bouts. But like genital warts, they keep popping back up, only this time … in HD. So here I find myself again, questioning whether or not I have enough emotional and physical stamina to play through another iteration of Monster Hunter 3. Read More »

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