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4 Reasons Why Dark Souls II Will Be Better than the Original


If there’s one bad thing to be said about Dark Souls II it’s that the game isn’t that different from its predecessor. But the Souls franchise is not a normal set of video games. They offer an experience so unique and rewarding that straying from the formula would destroy the core essence of the series. After 90 minutes hands-on with Dark Souls II I can confidently say that it’s not just as good as the original, it’s better. Here’s four reasons why. Read More »

Video Game Face Off: Fallout vs. Diablo


Comparing Diablo against Fallout is like, to use a tired old saying, comparing apples to oranges. The former is an action oriented RPG with a heavy emphasis on fast paced combat, whereas the latter was an exclusively single player role playing experience. In order to compare these two acclaimed series, it becomes necessary to focus on their common gameplay denominator: that they are both role playing games. Read More »

Mass Effect 3: Citadel Review

mass effect feature

A lot of people won’t like Citadel, Mass Effect 3’s final bit of DLC, because they’re under the impression that the DLC “adds nothing” to the conclusion of the game. Fair enough. Mass Effect 3 wrapped up back in March, after all. Why should anyone want to pay for and play an additional chapter in game that they’ve already finished? Well, sit back and give me a couple of minutes: I’ll tell you why this episode warrants a revisit of the game if you’re a fan. Read More »

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