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Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Review


My client stands accused of being a witch. The sentence is death by fire. The prosecution is an Inquisitor, clad in armour and wielding a sword. No one here seems to have ever heard of fingerprinting, or even of logical thinking. Everyone in the court, from the audience, to the judge, to the inquisitor, to the witnesses themselves, want to see my client burn. Read More »

Papers, Please Review


In the western world, winning the lottery usually means being absolved of all financial concerns and being given the wherewithal to live out your life in comfort and style, doing all the things that you’ve ever dreamed of and still having enough to provide for your loved ones. In communist Arstotzka, hitting the jackpot means you’ll win a low-level government administration position as a border crossing official. Read More »

PAX Australia 2013: An Interview with Denis Rogic, Art Dictator on Beatbuddy


If you asked me to describe Beatbuddy, I say side-scrolling, musical adventure. But that doesn’t quite encapsulate what makes it so special. There’s a little puzzle game in there too, but it doesn’t feel like a puzzler. Denis Rogic had a similar amount of trouble explaining Beatbuddy to us at PAX Australia earlier this month. He eventually thrust some headphones and a controller into my hand and I suddenly knew what he mean. Read More »

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