PlayStation All-Stars: An Interview with Omar Kendall


EB Expo 2012 was full of many things; cosplay, booth babes, games, but it held only one surprise for the Dusty Cartridge team: Omar ‘All-Stars’ Kendall. After going through a huge day of interviews and interacting with the shambling gaming masses, Omar still had the energy left to give his best performance of the day with the DC crew.

As the lead designer of PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, Omar is the man when it comes to Sony’s brawler. Unfortunately, having him watch as I played the game was nerve-wracking, as it turns out I’m not that great at the game. However, after several matches, there was a lot I wanted to know about the game and what we could expect from the final build. We got those answers and a lot more, check it out!

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