Evolve vs. Titanfall – The Next-Gen Multiplayer Match-up


After hands-on time with both Evolve and Titanfall, I can’t help but think 2014 will be remembered as the year multiplayer gaming leveled up. Both offer an experience refreshingly unique, pitting players as either a monster or a titan, as a soldier or hunter. Unfortunately some of us can’t justify the purchase of two multiplayer-centric games, and will be restricted to playing just one. Read More »

Community: The Australian FGC Episode 02 – Dan “DisasterFX” Richards


Our second episode features Dan “DisasterFX” Richards. Formerly a Smash Bros. player, Dan has since become the champion of “unpopular” games in the Melbourne scene such as Street Fighter x Tekken and Injustice. Dan’s passionate and helpful to newcomers to those games, and what I admire about him is that he’s just not empty words like so many other “minority game” enthusiasts. Read More »

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