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Why You Should Care About Next-Generation Motion Controllers


The general consensus among gamers is that motion controls suck. It’s a resentment that grew out of the software shortcomings of the original Wii, motion control games that literally don’t work, and a noticeable discrepancy between your actions and what’s displayed on screen. Throw in the passionate relationship between gamers and their traditional controllers and you have an audience programmed to resist a far more intuitive control scheme. Read More »

Video Game Face Off: Mario Bros. vs. Donkey Kong


Though not scientifically proven, I am certain the number of coins put into Donkey Kong machines over the years, if stacked on top of each other, would reach the moon. It was a mega hit and introduced the world to two of Nintendo’s “Founding Fathers” – Mario and Donkey Kong. Truly, the success of that single cabinet spurred the creation of two of gaming’s mega-franchises: Mario Bros. and Donkey Kong. Read More »

WWE ’13 Review


I’ve never really been a big fan of wrestling, but it’s hard not to be caught up in the spectacle that is WWE ‘13. Hyped by THQ as the most complete sweaty man drama package there is, this title isn’t so much a revolution for the franchise but a streamlined grappling experience for diehard and casual fans alike. Read More »

Nintendo, It’s Time To Fix Mario


If Nintendo are going to insist upon releasing the same Mario game over and over until the end of time, then they really need to give this tired old horse a makeover. No more of this fresh coat of paint and a new way of jumping rubbish, we’re talking a full-scale reboot of Mario and what he stands for. It’s time to bring the Italian plumber into the 21st century. Read More »

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