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I love collectable card games, though it’s a genre we rarely saw too much of until 2013 rolled around. Released only within the last couple of weeks was Magic 2014 and then there’s also Blizzard’s yet to be released CCG, Hearthstone.

Recently, I was lucky enough to have the team behind Tridek Creatures of Galena guide me through a closed beta build of their upcoming digital CCG. One of the most interesting aspects of Tridek is its resource system which consists of three types of coloured crystals: red, green and blue.

You start the game with 3 of each type which, more often than not, makes it possible to play cards immediately. Each card has its own casting cost as well as its own harvest amount, e.g. a creature might cost three green crystals to play, but in return you’d harvest three blue crystals. This makes the game faster than some traditional CCGs.

The deck builder (click to enlarge).

The deck builder (click to enlarge).

To win a match, you must accumulate a total of 30 victory points. These points are rewarded for defeating your opponent’s creatures or when attacking your opponent directly. Overall the gameplay felt lively and energetic; at no point did I feel safe when my opponent had at least a few cards in his hand.

The title, though still in somewhat early development, felt like it had a hell of a lot to offer. Included is a full campaign mode which features a helpful getting started tutorial, a number of online multiplayer modes including ranked play, tournaments, quick play and custom games.

From a graphical standpoint the game isn’t as slick looking as other CCGs in the market, which to be fair, is completely expected as the game is on an indie development budget. One factor that offsets this a little is the game’s genre. After all, you’re playing a card game so the most important aspect is the actual gameplay; flashy graphics and animations are low priority.

A nifty feature included in Tridek is the ability to play games synchronously. As a result, you can disconnect and reconnect to games without any data loss. You can also reconnect to games on entirely different devices. Pretend you’re playing a game with a friend on PC and your power cuts out unexpectedly. You can reconnect to that same game on a different device it’ll resume to the exact point that you left off at.

Speaking of devices, Tridek will be made available on a wide range of platforms, including PC, iOS, Android and Mac. Console ports weren’t ruled out either, so we might see console compatible versions either at the title’s launch or sometime after.

The title’s monetization strategies are another interesting point as they seem to favour rewarding players for actually playing the game instead of pushing in-game purchases. Shards are the game’s currency and can be earned by playing the tutorial, playing campaign matches, playing multiplayer matches and a few of other methods. Shards can then be used to purchase various items in the in-game shop. There were also talks of the ability to trade cards with other players.

The playfield (click to enlarge).

The playfield (click to enlarge).

Aside from the main game modes, you also have access to a powerful deck builder. It includes a number of filtering tools and statistics to further help you build and tweak your decks. The deck builder is also great for learning the cards as you’re able to scroll through your library and read the card’s attributes and abilities.

Overall, Tridek is shaping up to be a great CCG title. The individuals behind the title are clearly passionate and talented. A Kickstarter project was recently launched to help further fund the development of the game.

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