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Doom 3: BFG Edition Review


When Doom 3 released on the PC in 2004 it was met with positive reviews lauding the title for its atmosphere and impressive graphics. Nevertheless, what is an enjoyable but highly flawed shooter now was once a technical behemoth that helped influence much of what we play today. If you liked shooting stuff, and lots of it, then you really couldn’t go wrong with ID Software’s flagship FPS. Read More »

Dishonored Review


For years, Ubisoft has wanted to make you feel like the ultimate bad ass. You’re given a death-dealing hidden blade, super human strength and transformed into a monk-looking killing machine. Yet despite the franchise’s constant attempts to draw me in, I still don’t buy it. Now it seems Ezio and his pals have finally been overthrown by the newest cool kid on the block – Dishonored. Read More »

The Many Murders of Dishonored


2012 looks to be the year of the assassin. Pretty soon we’ll all get the chance to strap ourselves into the Animus and experience the life and times of Ubisoft’s Connor Kenway. Then we’ll get our hands back on gaming’s `original’ assassin for a bit of pro tier espionage. Finally we’ll get the chance to delve into a steampunk world full of political intrigue and rampant pestilence. We get Dishonored. Read More »

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