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Super Adventures Of Chad & Chris – Street Fighter EX3


If there’s one thing that I’ve noticed slowly fade into obscurity within the world of gaming, it’s local multiplayer and couch co-op. My golden years of gaming were no doubt from the N64 days up to Sony’s PlayStation 2, an era where multiplayer actually required being physically next to someone. Save for a few games – online multiplayer is all the rage now. Read More »

Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Review


My client stands accused of being a witch. The sentence is death by fire. The prosecution is an Inquisitor, clad in armour and wielding a sword. No one here seems to have ever heard of fingerprinting, or even of logical thinking. Everyone in the court, from the audience, to the judge, to the inquisitor, to the witnesses themselves, want to see my client burn. Read More »

Community: The Australian FGC Episode 03 – Michael “Cactus” Ashmore


The third episode of Community features Michael “Cactus” Ashmore. A long time mainstay in the Melbourne FGC, the Golden Child is mild-mannered in demeanour but packs a nasty far standing fierce. He’s a strangely modest individual, scratching his beard when he beats your ass with his Dhalsim and giggling good-humouredly when you hit him with something stupid. Read More »

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies Review


Few games wear their Japanese heritage with the unbridled boorish gusto that Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destiniesbrings to bear. Fewer still have the tenacity to declare, totally deadpan; “No, seriously guys, this is set in America,” to the point that Dual Destinies’ best joke might be the impossible contradiction of its own continued existence. Yet somehow, it works – and it works brilliantly. Read More »

Lost Planet 3 Review


Just as Devil May Cry before it, Capcom big wigs decided that this franchise, loved by a scarce few, was in need of a brand new start. In other words, the originals didn’t appeal enough to the Western market, so they’d strip it bare and tinker with it until it did, even if it was changed forever, difficult to compare with the source material. It’s an industry and money talks, so this is a sad inevitability as games developed in Japan don’t have huge appeal in the wider mainstream market. Read More »

Remember Me Review


Remember Me, like a talented but untested gymnast, starts out gracefully enough at full speed, flounders a bit mid-jump, and then lands flat on its face in the third act. It’s a game that starts with much promise but ultimately devolves into a four hour gauntlet of its worst qualities that will have you begging every approaching moment to free you from a prison that’s disguised as entertainment. Read More »

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