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SimCity Review


That general feeling of growing something from nothing is echoed in the latest sequel of what is undoubtedly one of EA and Maxis’ longest running, most intensely beloved franchises. On closer inspection, however, all isn’t as it should be when you realise the city you’ve built is a crumbling house of cards built with inane AI and extremely poor mechanics and riddled with DRM. Read More »

Mass Effect 3: Citadel Review

mass effect feature

A lot of people won’t like Citadel, Mass Effect 3’s final bit of DLC, because they’re under the impression that the DLC “adds nothing” to the conclusion of the game. Fair enough. Mass Effect 3 wrapped up back in March, after all. Why should anyone want to pay for and play an additional chapter in game that they’ve already finished? Well, sit back and give me a couple of minutes: I’ll tell you why this episode warrants a revisit of the game if you’re a fan. Read More »

Crysis 3 Review


When I stepped from a dingy holding cell into the New York City Nanodome, my jaw just about hit the floor. A few hours later, deeper into my journey, I began to grow accustomed to my surroundings and thought: ‘No graphical trickery or forced majesty will get the better of me again. I’ve seen it all.’ I was wrong. That is the power of Crysis 3. Read More »

Why You Should Be Excited For Crysis 3

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Somewhere in the desert is a pile of burnt out, barely functioning PC’s. Victims of owners who thought they could handle Crysis. Now, while these rusted out veterans spend their days running spider solitaire, fans of the series have purchased new computers or taken the console route, in preparation for Crysis 3. Due out soon, I enjoyed some time with the single player campaign on PC. Read More »

Is Dead Space 3 Already Dead?

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When the original Dead Space released it filled the survival horror void that Resident Evil had left in its move to the current generation of consoles. I understood why RE had to change, to appeal to a wider audience and generate more sales, but I felt cheated. And despite my best efforts to shake it that feeling has returned for Dead Space 3. So after two hours hands-on with the title and an interview with series producer John Calhoun, were my concerns justified Read More »

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