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What Do We Think Of Company Of Heroes 2 So Far?


In the midst of the Second World War, the theatre of the Eastern Front saw some of the most atrocious fighting in history. If it wasn’t bombs, bullets, starvation, disease or torture, it was the sheer cold that claimed you. Spanning four years, more than 400 German and Soviet army divisions clashed in a series of engagements, eventually deciding the outcome of the entire war. Read More »

Aliens: Colonial Marines Review


Aliens: Colonial Marines is the gaming equivalent of what you’d get if you took the cadaver of James Cameron, gave it to Uwe Boll, showed that German prick the back of an Aliens DVD cover and then asked him to direct a made for TV after school special with a budget of three apples and a mule for the trade of goods and services. I honestly don’t think any more needs to be said. Read More »

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