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Murdered: Soul Suspect Review


Whodunnits. Commonly associated with TV crime shows, discovering who passed wind, and now, with Murdered: Soul Suspect, is the premise for a video game. There’s good reason for that, too. Whodunnits rely on tightly scripted narratives with carefully placed twists, and barring the talent present at Telltale Games, there’s few developers able to make a game focused almost entirely on story Read More »

Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix Review


Take a minute with me here. I want everyone to just bask in the glory of the age that we live in. For games, I mean. Objective markers, mission logs, fast travel. Anything that keeps your gaming experience streamlined and consistently enjoyable. Now I want you to ask yourself, “Can I live without all that?” and then you can begin to understand where the exercise in verbal obscenities that was my weekend with Kingdom Hearts 1.5: Final Remix begins. Read More »

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