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Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix Review


Take a minute with me here. I want everyone to just bask in the glory of the age that we live in. For games, I mean. Objective markers, mission logs, fast travel. Anything that keeps your gaming experience streamlined and consistently enjoyable. Now I want you to ask yourself, “Can I live without all that?” and then you can begin to understand where the exercise in verbal obscenities that was my weekend with Kingdom Hearts 1.5: Final Remix begins. Read More »

Tomb Raider Review

tomb raider feature2

For the longest time, I was unsure how I felt about Tomb Raider. Here was a game so clearly trying to mirror the execution of an Uncharted game, yet failing to succeed in the task. Then, as I delved deeper and deeper, it became strikingly apparent that Crystal Dynamics wasn’t attempting to walk in Naughty Dog’s shadows so much as cast a brand new one. But is that even possible? Read More »

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