Review Score Guidelines

See below for guidelines on how we score our games.

10.0 – Masterpiece

The gaming elite and a future classic in the making. It might not be perfect, but nails nearly every aspect of game design so well that you would be an utter fool not to buy it immediately. Why are you still here?

9.0/9.5 – Amazing

One of the best games of its genre and can stand high above many of its competitors. This amazing game demands placement on your shelf of gaming glory.

8.0/8.5 – Excellent

Strongly recommended and definitely in the wolf-pack of gaming greats. It might have the odd flaw, but that by no means you should turn a blind eye. If you do, we will slap you.

7.0/7.5 – Good

A well rounded package that is unfortunately let down by its fair share of notable issues. Games of this standard are enjoyable, but not groundbreaking.

6.0/6.5 – Okay

While there are remnants of fun present, an okay game is a game that could have been so much better. It will make you start wondering if the negatives outweigh the positives. Big fans of the series/genre or renters need only apply.

5.0/5.5 – Average

There is a very fine line between good and bad. This is that line. While it might not be worth full fare, you might find some enjoyment if you’re interested. Or you’ll totally hate it. Are you willing to take the risk?

4.0/4.5 – Train Wreck

The terrible game gravy train starts here. While you might be able to see the stars the developers were shooting for, they have failed on almost every level.

3.0/3.5 – Painful

A waste of time on most levels. Bad design and poorly thought out ideas create a generally soul crushing experience. Titles harnessing pain of this calibre belong in the bargain bin.

2.0/2.5 – Rage Quit

Games like this are why Nintendo made a strap for their controller.

1.0/1.5 – Failure

There’s a reason why a hundred copies of games of this quality stay on store shelves. Let’s leave it that way.

0/0.5 – Pure Evil

Completely broken and terrible. If you pick this up, you probably shouldn’t be playing games.

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