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In a world where App Store games are pushing the boundaries in the realms of graphics and sound, one game dares to defy them all. This game is Super Mega Worm. The title by little known developers Diseased Pixel has you causing all kinds of violent mayhem and destruction with the aid of a gigantic death worm.

The true beauty in this title stems from its authentic retro look and feel. Diseased Pixel have gone to extreme lengths to make the experience as true to the 8-bit eighties as possible. Everything from the 2D backdrops and sprites to the Megaman styled title screen has been masterfully implemented and helps give the impression that the game was slated for the NES rather than the Apple device you’re actually enjoying it on.

The premise is simple, kill a certain amount of humans per level to advance to the next. Heavy artillery and footman make their appearance in later levels in an attempt to put a stop to slaughter. Bonus levels are present throughout the game and are a fun addition, bouncing on pickup trucks will allow you to string together combos, increasing your score multiplier.


The gameplay, while insulting simple, provides hours of enjoyment. You take control of the worm using the onscreen directional slider and two additional ability buttons. The control scheme will seem a little odd to begin with, but with a little practice you’ll be dining on deer and obliterating helicopters in next to no time.

There isn’t much in the way of gameplay depth with Super Mega Worm, but the same could be said about many other casual titles for the iOS platform. The run and gun style gameplay works well enough to keep you interested in seeing the game through and there are several unlockable abilities throughout the game which will see your worm growing stronger and aiding it’s quest to destroy the human race.

Super Mega Worm isn’t without it’s faults and although increasingly difficult, the title is a breeze to finish. The enemies are simply no match for the worms speed and devastating fireballs. Life is slowly diminished over time but is too easily replenished by eating the widely available wild stock scattered throughout the level.

The title is one of the few to include Game Center compatibility which sees it including online leader boards as well as a single achievement.

Check out Super Mega Worm in the App Store today, you won’t be disappointed.

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The Verdict

At a price point of only US $0.99 you’d be tempted to pick up Super Mega Worm simply to experience that 8-bit retro goodness, but you should regardless as the game has much more to offer.
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