Tt eSPORTS Level 10 M Gaming Mouse Review


It’s hard to write this review without delving into ‘wine writing’. There’s more to the mouse than just how it functions as a product; this mouse is tech with charisma. It feels dependable, strong, and while it has everything going for it in the looks department, it’s not flirty. Just sitting on my desk, it’s sending me a clear message: ‘Use me to play games’.

Technical Specifications

Feature Specification
Color Green
DPI 8200
Sensor Type Laser
No. of Buttons 7
Game Genre RTS, MMORPG
Memory Size 128kb
No. of Macro Keys 11
No. of Game Profiles 5
Lighting Effect Yes
Pause-Break Effect Yes
Color Options 7
USB Cable Length 1.8m braided
Weight-In Design No
Graphical UI Yes
Gold-Platted USB Yes
Industrial Rubber-Coating Yes
Dimension 147 x 67.5 x 38.8mm

The 10 M was in fact designed by BMW (yes the car manufacturer), and I cannot thank them enough, as the mouse is just amazing to look at. It’s sleek, almost militaristic, and it’s made out of something that doesn’t get hot, slick, or leave my greasy fingerprints everywhere. There’s a gap between the top of the mouse and the base, as well as some ventilation holes just below your index finger which allows for some excellent air circulation. The wheel is also an added joy, because it shows a great balance between control and freedom; easy to spin and easy to stop, accurate all the way.

I mentioned in my review of the Theron that the mouse had some weight to it, but that has nothing on the Level 10. It is a solid unit, and it really took some getting used to at first. Simple navigation of browsers and opening documents and folders was a struggle, because I was basically having to navigate using ‘throwing’ actions. After the first week, getting both the mouse‚Äôs calibration and my physical reaction under control, I’ve come to love the weight of this mouse. It’s actually helped me improve my game, as I now don’t jerk like an orang-utan covered in ants trying to manoeuvre troops or my cross-hairs.


The action on the left and right mouse buttons are trigger-like, and are in my opinion, completely perfect. They respond beautifully to confident movements, and when resetting into position, no matter your APM, every click feels fresh and decisive.

There are five buttons on the sides of the mouse: on the left, A, B and the profile button, and on the right, C and D. Now, the B button feels perfect; it’s large and responds well to a lighter touch. D follows similarly, but responds to a heavier touch. A and B are much smaller than their counterparts, and I feel as though I have to be a little more forceful for them to work. Whether or not it’s their positioning, or whether the fingers that I usually use for them aren’t quite used to the movement yet is still undecided, however, I’ve found that I’ve thus far been cautious to use them in any particularly rough scenarios.


That profile button on the other hand, oh boy. One of my biggest problems with the Theron was that the DPI toggle buttons were below your palm, and therefore really not the best place to get to them comfortably or quickly. The 10 M, however, has it in what I would argue is the best position to have it in. It’s slightly larger than the B button, and can be clicked in to change profiles or simply toggled either back or forward to change DPI settings.

Unfortunately, it’s here that the mouse falters. When changing the DPI, there’s a good chance that your game will be minimised, and you can be delighted to see your desktop proudly displaying (in giant red and white letters) the new dpi you’ve just set your mouse to. Needless to say, this is not fun at all. Its further let down by the profile menu, which isn’t simple or user friendly. It looks like the kind of UI that would use x’s and z’s to show off how cool it is to its friends without actually giving anything back. I spent the first 5-10 minutes actually figuring out how to use the UI before I got to configuring the mouse itself.


The Verdict

Despite the failings of the software side of things, I love the 10 M. It hasn't become so much my default mouse as my mouse, something that I'll enjoy using and depend on henceforth. If you want to spoil yourself with a great, sturdy mouse that is made for you and for your games, get the 10 M. You won't regret it.
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