Tt eSPORTS Theron RTS Mouse Review


Tt eSPORTS offers several versions of the Theron RTS mouse. The unit used in this review is the Theron Combat White.

I don’t think I truly appreciated the Theron mouse until I handed it over for its glamour shots and went back to using my Razer Taipan. Initially, I thought it was the initial shock of the switch, having long grown out of my default mouse. But I quickly realised that the bevy of options that were once instantly available to me were no longer there.

Technical Specifications

Feature Specification
Color White
DPI 5600
Sensor Type Laser
No. of Buttons 8
Game Genre RTS
Memory Size 128kb
No. of Macro Keys 40
No. of Game Profiles 5
Lighting Effect Yes
Pause-Break Effect Yes
Color Options 7
USB Cable Length 1.8m braided
Weight-In Design Yes
Graphical UI Yes
Gold-Platted USB Yes
Industrial Rubber-Coating No
Dimension 123.65 x 73.8 x 40.2mm

At first glance, the mouse doesn’t really look or feel like much at all. Its plastic shell and rather large design doesn’t lend itself to any kind of elegance, and had it not been for its sheer weight and sturdiness, it may have felt a little ordinary. I’m generally not a fan of plastic mouses, as my gaming room can get quite stuffy and there’s nothing quite as bad as dealing with constantly slick hardware. There is a rubber grip down the left hand side of the device for your thumb to rest on, providing a small sanctuary for that appendage to escape the increasingly levels of sweat on other areas of the mouse.


The Theron’s weight was something I particularly enjoyed, as it created a sense of control that I haven’t had over a mouse before. For those who don’t find this appealing, the unit has four removable weights, each weighing 4.5 grams, to adjust as you see fit. You can also choose from a variety of lighting colours, which made my inner child gleeful and my outer adult instantly colour coordinate it to my existing setup.

The side buttons on the Theron are nothing short of genius – its action and placement seemingly made to fit my hand. Using close combat strikes in Borderlands 2 became my default way of playing and gave me instant access to my avatar’s abilities in Shogun 2. I’ve always found side-buttons to be either completely hit or miss, with the latter being the majority of cases I’ve run into, but the Theron solidly falls into the former. If you’re worrying about hitting these buttons accidentally, there’s a lock-on the bottom of the mouse that will ensure that its function will remain as ‘back/forward.’


Unfortunately, the on-the-fly DPI buttons on the top of the mouse don’t feel quite as natural as its side-buttons and in any game where you can’t waste a second to think if you actually need to adjust the DPI settings at the very instant necessary, it’s not helpful at all. For RTS games, on the other hand, where there will be longer periods of time to switch between low and high DPI’s, it certainly has its uses. While it’s still not comfortable or involves a natural feeling movement, getting my troops into correct formation and finding great charging angles in Shogun 2 provided a real boost to my performance.

Finally, the UI for the mouse is simple and easy to use, giving you access to five profiles and a plethora of choices for customisation. You can choose between ‘normal’ and ‘battle’ modes, with the latter meaning that instead of constant lighting, it only responds to your clicking. Once you’ve started creating your profile, you can adjust the DPI button settings, as well as scroll, cursor and double-click speeds, and the Macro tab will allow you to set up to 40 Macros with or without delays.


The Verdict

The Theron is an incredibly dependable unit that can be easily manipulated into being the mouse you want it to be on the fly. Best used with RTS games, though I do think a committed FPS player would be able to use what’s readily available on the mouse to vastly improve their performance.
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